The Inventco Sliding Door Closer has been the industry leader within the Australian market since 1990.

Automatic Sliding Door Closer 

The Inventco Sliding Door Closer has been the leader within the Australian market since 1990. Commonly known as the ‘Water’ Door Closer, it is available in many matching colours & is installed vertically on your existing sliding door. Click on the image above to download our Colour Swatch & find the right colour match for your door.


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Designed for sliding doors

How many times have you walked out of your sliding door & left it open? Keep your family safe & have your door close automatically & safely behind you.

Helps keep nasty bugs & slithering creatures outside

Minimise exposure to virus-carrying mosquitoes & keep those nasty bugs outside! In many regions throughout Australia the threat of snakes getting into the house is very real. The Inventco Water Door closer is a great way to ensure your sliding door is kept closed, helping prevent the risk of snakes entering your house.

Improves Hygiene in the Home

Enhanced hygiene. Bugs & insects can carry many diseases & transfer those diseases to your food etc. Having your sliding door close automatically behind you makes a great deal of sense! Click the image above for important information on the impact of mosquitos.

Enhanced Pool safety for at risk children

Child & infant drownings are all too frequent in Australia. The Water Door Closer is another key preventative measure in the fight against unnecessary drownings. Click the image above for important information on child drowning statistics.

“A sliding screen door left open, makes no sense”.

The Inventco Sliding Screen Door Closer is widely known as the ‘Water’ Door Closer. It is unique and consists of a patented, speed controlled, weight and valve assembly operating in a colour matched, water filled aluminium tube that is mounted vertically on the door.

A sliding screen door left open, makes no sense. The safety & protection of your family is paramount. Why risk that safety? Have an automatic Water Door Closer installed on your sliding door/s as soon as possible. You’ll be glad you did!

The Inventco Water Door Closer is easily fitted to fly screens & or sliding security screen doors which conform to Australian Standards. It quietly and consistently closes your sliding doors for you, year in and year out (of course a smooth glide is dependent on the condition of the track system of the sliding door). The closer is also suitable for middle closing & stacker doors. The closing speed of the door is suppressed, resulting in a gentle latching action.

With the exception of the nylon line (which is subject to wear & tear or misuse), the Inventco closer includes a 10-year all components warranty. Accelerated testing and field experience proves an amazing 20-year plus operating life expectancy. The Inventco water door closer is available in popular anodised and powder coated colours through our Australia wide network of supplier/installers.

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In addition to keeping disease carrying mosquitoes and other insects out of your home, the closer will ensure a sliding glass door to an air conditioned room or building is not left open, saving energy.

In addition to its use as an automatic screen door closer, it has been extensively used Australia wide to enhance existing swimming pool safety laws, which exist in all Australian states. An automatic closing security screen door is an effective way of keeping at risk children from straying into the pool area where accidental drowning is a far too frequent cause of death.

When used in conjunction with an approved pool fence, a self closing door having the latch fitted high up beyond reach can be a perfect doubling up of pool safety for young at-risk children while still allowing older children access to the outside. Such an approach ensures that young children can be contained safely within the house when required. Pool fences alone can create a false sense of security. Many younger children gain entry to a pool and drown when older children have propped open pool gates for ready access in and out of the pool area as they play, or when they have moved patio furniture about.

*10 Year warranty includes ALL closer components excluding nylon line which typically fails due to misuse.