The Inventco Sliding Door Closer has been the leader within the Australian market since 1990.

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The Inventco Sliding Door Closer is widely known as the ‘Water’ Door Closer due to the fact that it uses a unique patented speed limiting valve, operating inside a water filled tube mounted to an existing sliding door.

The closing speed of the door is suppressed, resulting in a gently latching action. The Inventco Water Door Closer is easily fitted to sliding security screen doors which conform to Australian Standards. It quietly and consistently closes your sliding doors for you, year in and year out.

In addition to its use as an automatic screen door closer, it has been extensively used Australia wide to satisfy swimming pool safety laws, which exist in all Australian states and are being adopted throughout the world. An automatic closing security screen door is an effective way of keeping young children from straying into the pool area where accidental drowning is a far too frequent cause of death.

It is available in many popular, matching anodised and powder coated colours or can be suppled and installed in your preferred colours through our Australia wide network of supplier/installers.

The Inventco Sliding Door Closer is simply a great investment for any home and will improve your family’s lifestyle by increasing hygiene and health levels through keeping insects, flies, mosquitos and other vermin out of the home.

DISCLAIMER: State laws vary widely throughout Australia. Check with your local council to ensure your planned pool security solution complies with state laws.

The closer has only one wearing part and will give years of maintenance free service.

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